Thursday, August 21, 2008

Implementation Challenges

Siebel Analytics end-to-end Challenges from Experience In Projects:

1: Siebel Delivers Automatic Population of Device and Email Address

2: Three Time Zone Refresh of ETL and report the Data based on the users Timezone

3: Data Level Security for the Siebel Sales application, Project Inaccessible column

4: Amount to be displayed in USD As well in Local Currency based on the Location

5: Siebel marketing List Generation & Launch Import

6: Siebel Campaigns based on the Position & territory assignment, to be populated in the Campaigns & Response Fact Table.

7: Load Campaign, Attach Segment, Lists errors in Siebel marketing Application

8: Database related Functions in OLAP to be pushed to the Database and not in Siebel analytics Layer

9: More time spent in the Siebel analytics Web Layer after the record set being returned from Database.

10: Siebel analytics Web server Crash and the tmp file size growing more than 4 Gb.

11: Siebel Vanilla Next Product Purchased Report Issues- Alternate Work Around.

13: Performance Bottleneck related Issues for Few reports and Application

14: System Administration Issues in setting up the New Environment ( DAC , Informatica, Siebel analytics, siebel delivers Erros)

15: Open Intelligent Interface. SA Metadata to be brought in Business Objects universe through Siebel Analytics DSN.

16: Oracle BIEE Publisher Admin Tab not visible after installing OBIEE

17: output of the report in a PDF dint deliver more than 25 rows in the deliver content of siebel Delivers

18: To track the changes in the Revenue amount based on the Lead Quality / stages in the opportunity

19: Access denied Error while doing the Manual Web cat merge between Environments.

20: To build a Obiee Web catalog from the siebel Analytics 7.8.5 Webcat to move the customized web Object contents ( Reports, pages,Dashboards)

21: "Too many values" being displayed in the Dashboard Prompt in OBIEE

22: System message to be Displayed in the Application when its required.

23: Static Toggle and Dynamic toggles and Tree Explorer View of report and Objects in siebel Analytics 7.5.3

24: Stopping the Sub query Generation of Physical SQL for the siebel Analytics Request being executed.

25: Add Oracle Hints Parameter to the table in the Physical Layer of the RPD to improve the Siebel analytics Request Performance.

26: Legend View to display Only the Lead Quality of the Top opportunities in a report.

27: Dashboard failing with Error: Governor limit exceeded in cube generation

28: Unresolved Column name and unresolved table name in Few reports of the dashboard.

29: Incorrectly defined logical table source (for fact table Fact - Account Transactions) does not contain mapping for [Activity.Activity Type].

30: Worked on Level based measures, dimension hierarchies, complex metrics, aggregation, fragmentation

31: IIS: HTTP Error 401.3 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to an ACL set on the requested resource.

33: Customization of No Results View to display the meaning ful Content when no Data is returned from the Database.

34: The session variable, NQ_SESSION., has no value definition while using the variable in the column formula of a request

35: Metadata Global Consistency check Errors in RPD Good to Debug and Fix the Errors.

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Surabhi said...

There are oracle hints on S_LST_OF_VAL_BU table in Siebel (Call Center application).

Can oracle hints be configured in Siebel?